PANDORA – A 360 Degree VR Short Film


NubianVR presents PANDORA, an experimental 360-degree short film made in Ghana. Follow Pandora as she journeys through the dreamscape of virtual Accra, where the ancient Greek myth is re-imagined in an African context, and retold through the looking-glass of virtual reality.


Cosmic Culture: A Journey into AfroFuturism


An audio mix and interview by King Britt that explores the diverse expressions of Afrofuturism in African American music.


Chale Wote Street Art Festival 2014


This weekend I hit the streets of Accra to immerse myself in the explosion of creativity that is the annual Chale Wote Street Art Festival. [PHOTOS]


“Dreamscape” by Accra Theatre Workshop


A young woman traverses a dream world battling her mental fears, but will she have the courage to translate dreams into waking? An excerpt from a full-length multimedia visual theatre piece (giant puppets, modern dance, fashion, dubstep) with a live DJ set by DJ Steloo.


Nigerians in Space: Book Review


A Nigerian lunar geologist working for NASA is offered a chance to return to his motherland to pioneer a revolutionary space program, but the journey he then undertakes soon turns his lifelong dream into a waking nightmare.


Exploring the Future of Africa


After an exceptionally long break, I’m glad to announce that the AfroCyberPunk blog is finally back in session with a totally brand new and exciting mission!


The Day They Came (An Afro-SF Short Film)


A young Nigerian man strolls outside his house on a calm Sunday morning, only to witness the start of an alien invasion…


Children of the Sun


As the dawn of 2013 marks the beginning of another revolution of our planet around the sun, let us draw our attention beyond the sphere of everyday life – beyond individual concerns, national issues, and even global concerns – towards the cosmic scale of affairs…


Is Science Fiction Coming to Africa?


The BBC World Service recently aired a short radio documentary titled ‘Is Science Fiction Coming to Africa?’ It was produced by Deborah Basckin for the Your World program, and was presented by South Africa’s Lauren Beukes, the 2011 Arthur C. Clarke award winner.


Down and Out in the MP3 Market


In concrete boxes plastered with glossy hip hop posters and homemade montages, young men lounge behind computers, blasting music from pairs of speakers directed outwards, in an arms race of sonic amplitude…


Five Continent Reading


On May 5th an event will take place in Thorsten Küper’s and Kirsten Riehl’s steampunk location Kafé Kruemelkram that may be unique in the history of Second Life: Five science fiction writers from five continents, all writing in English, will read from their works live.


3bute for Virus


Here is an adaptation of my short story ‘Virus,’ created by Bunmi Oloruntoba of, ‘a mashable anthology of African modernity.’ The result is an impressive piece of hyperfiction; a three-page comic strip layered with several links to relevant multimedia from around the web:

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