AfroCyberPunk Interactive is a digital hypermedia content developer and publishing house based in Accra, Ghana. We create and publish a variety of digital hypermedia content primarily for mobile devices. We also develop free and open-source resources to support digital hypermedia content creation.

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A History in Afrofuturism…

AfroCyberPunk was created by Jonathan Dotse in 2010 as a blog focused on exploring the creative potential of African science fiction and speculative narratives. In 2017, AfroCyberPunk Interactive was established in Accra, Ghana, as a digital hypermedia publishing house with the aim of producing innovative and accessible new forms of interactive experiences. Our roots in afrofuturism continue to inspire the recurrent themes, motifs, and aesthetics of our publications. We aspire to emulate the spirit of great and small publishing houses throughout history in our pursuit of editorial excellence, while striving to address the global imbalance in the representation of marginalized peoples and perspectives. Our goal is to publish an extensive catalog of digital art featuring a wide variety of unique voices, experiences, and imagined worlds that will bring a new kind of magic to storytelling.

A New Kind of Magic…

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Anyone who has ever found themselves lost in an imaginary world will understand that there’s a special kind of magic to be found within the pages of a beautifully written book.

Unfortunately, most people around the world have never had the chance to experience this magic: the joys of reading have historically been a privilege for the relative few who have had access to good books and libraries. Even today, books remain largely inaccessible to people living in underprivileged communities around the world — including those in developed countries. E-books and e-readers have slowly begun to address this problem, but they still have a long way to go to bridge the gap, especially if they are to compete against the proliferation of new media.

In spite of growing inequality across the world, the Internet and mobile phones are rapidly removing historically intractable barriers to information accessibility, across all regions and socioeconomic strata. Virtual and augmented reality technology have unleashed new dimensions of creative expression that will radically transform the way narratives are created and experienced. Mobile devices now provide an incredibly versatile and accessible distribution platform through which creators can develop and share a wide range of immersive and interactive narrative experiences.

AfroCyberPunk Interactive is committed to advancing the next generation of digital publications that will harness the full capabilities of new and emerging media technologies — to boldly explore this vast frontier in which many new kinds of experiences are waiting to be discovered, and new kinds of stories are waiting to be told.