3bute for Virus

Here’s an adaptation of my short story ‘Virus,’ created by Bunmi Oloruntoba of 3bute.com, ‘a mashable anthology of African modernity.’ The result is an impressive piece of hyperfiction; a three-page comic strip layered with several links to relevant multimedia from around the web:

You can view the full 3bute on the Wayback Machine

While you’re up there, you can also check out previous 3butes created from the works of other African writers and bloggers. This is an excellent example of how Africa promises to defy traditional boundaries and radically re-define herself to the rest of the world. As always, I invite you all to stay tuned.

NB: Update on the novel publication process coming soon.

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2 thoughts on “3bute for Virus

  1. Kuul. Nice illustration there; I wish to know more about the process. Comics espcially ones with a “message inspire & renew my faith in LIFE.

    AP_ It will b a pleasure to meet U someday, somehow. X

  2. Flash comics–what a fantastic idea! A real challenge too. This intro page and the multimedia aspect of this project are incredibly intriguing. The art and writing pulled me in completely.
    Wish there was some way to read the complete story.
    Bravo to all involved!

    peace, bruthas & sistahs.

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