Developing Worlds: Beyond the Frontiers of Science Fiction

Here’s a new article of mine that’s just been published by cyberculture legend R. U. Sirius on his webzine; Acceler8or. This article is entitled ‘Developing Worlds: Beyond the Frontiers of Science Fiction‘, and here’s the opening paragraph:

Imagine a young African boy staring wide-eyed at the grainy images of an old television set tuned to a VHF channel; a child discovering for the first time the sights and sounds of a wonderfully weird world beyond city limits. This is one of my earliest memories; growing up during the mid-nineties in a tranquil compound house in Maamobi; an enclave of the Nima suburb, one of the most notorious slums in Accra. Besides the government-run Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, only two other television stations operated in the country at the time, and satellite television was way beyond my family’s means. Nevertheless, all kinds of interesting programming from around the world occasionally found its way onto those public broadcasts. This was how I first met science fiction; not from the tomes of great authors, but from distilled approximations of their grand visions.

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Be sure to check out some of the other interesting articles on his site as well. Also, I’m currently on holiday in London for a few weeks, and anyone intetested in meeting up a coffee and chat can feel free to buzz me on my gmail. Any time I lose here is being made up for with tons of sci-fi inspiration from this mind-boggingly surreal post-industrial megapolis. I’ll be back with more updates and comments on this insightful experience.

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2 thoughts on “Developing Worlds: Beyond the Frontiers of Science Fiction

  1. Hi jonathan,

    wonderful blog! I just came across it while doing research on african science fiction. I’m doing african studies and I’m thinking about writing my thesis about science fiction literature from africa. will definetely check out your site regulary now!


  2. Hi Jonathan,
    I’ve just tweeted you.
    My name’s Nana Ocran. I’m the editor of the series of guides to Lagos and also a freelance writer for Wings Magazine, owned by Arik Airlines.
    I’m writing an overview piece on African Sci-Fi and want to mention your site (which is great).
    I also wanted to send you a couple of very general questions.

    I’m London-based and my email’s attached.

    I look forward to hearing from you…


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