Happy New Year

A new year has arrived, and the world is on the brink of utter chaos. Heralded by bomb blasts in Nigeria, this new year sees the Ivory Coast caught in the grips of a post-election crisis with no end in sight, and a new nation due to born from the troubled womb of Sudan.

The picture isn’t any less bleak around the world, with the West having to retake a hard course in economics, Wikileaks publicly disrobing decades of international diplomacy, and the war on terrorism fuelling the rise of fundamentalism.

What have we learned from all this besides the fact that diplomats lie regularly to our faces, dictators don’t like to lose elections, and the school of hard knocks has an exceptionally bad macroenomics program?

Precious little, but there is still a lot we can be happy about. We can look forward to another year of ground-breaking scientific discoveries, the next steps in the evolution of personal computing, or the very thought of being at the frontier of a brave new world.

I’m happy to finally be on the home stretch of writing my novel; to have the finish line so clearly within sight. After twenty months of development, its more than a relief. With any luck, the world will still be there when I start looking for a publisher.

Season’s Greetings,


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3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Metropolis dystopias here we come. I also hope to read your novel soon. Africans and members of the African diaspora definitely need to get in more on the sci-fi genre. As Octavia Butler once said, scifi is important because it shows that we view ourselves as not just being part of the present but part of humanity’s future as well.

  2. Truly, Its been an eventful year.
    Your your sci-fi novel comes highly anticipated. Surely, it will revolutionize African writing. My fingers are crossed!

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