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I’m very pleased to announce that the Pandora 360 Android app is finally available to the public on Google Play and Amazon Appstore! The creation of this app has been a major learning experience and lesson in the hazards of real life software development and media distribution. Thankfully, all the pieces have now fallen into place and we can now officially announce our first publication. We are still very much in the alpha phase and sorting out the various challenges involved in publishing software as we gear up the press.

PANDORA was filmed in summer of 2015 and first published on YouTube. It was my first VR production at NubianVR, filmed with a dual Kodak SP360 rig, some time before full 360 cameras were affordable for the average person. The price-performance ratio of consumer VR cameras has significantly decreased since then, but in a way I think this gives the Pandora film a certain vintage quality which at least deserved to be restored and preserved for historical purposes.

The app provides a more complete experience to the film, immersing the viewer in a DVD-player-esque retro micro-world which presents the user with different pathways into and around the film itself. Additional footage that did not make it into the original film for technical reasons was included in the second editing process, allowing us to complete the original vision for the film and add more experiences to the app.


This publication is the first implementation of the digital hypermedia framework we are developing for our future publications. This hypermedia framework provides an intuitive layer of abstraction which streamlines the design and implementation of digital hypermedia experiences. More on this framework will be announced in future posts.

We are currently working on iOS support for the Pandora app and will make that available once we have finished initial testing and debugging for Android. In the meantime, please check out this free app (250Mb) and leave a review and/or suggestions about how you think this publication might be improved.

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