I’ve been underground for some time thanks to inhumane levels of schoolwork, but I’m back to keep this blog grinding through Christmas. At the moment, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been featured in the December edition of DUST, a free magazine based in Accra. An acronym for Discover Urban Style and Trend, DUST celebrates urban life in Accra and documents the many flavors of culture that thrive in this city.

As well as publishing my short story, Virus, the magazine also contains an article I wrote called Sakawa Boys: Hacking the Natural Mystic, which touches on the confluence between cyber-culture and black magic here in Accra. I intend to further explore the issue on this blog in the near-future, but for now you can have a teaser from the online version of the magazine.

You can find the December 2010 edition of DUST here: http://scr.bi/hPdoMi