The Day They Came (An Afro-SF Short Film)

I just came across this remarkable African Sci-fi short film called ‘The Day They Came.’ It’s a zero budget 4-minute-long piece which follows a young Nigerian man who strolls outside his house on a calm Sunday morning only to witness the start of an alien invasion à la War of the Worlds. This is apparently the first of a series, and I’m excited to see the upcoming releases. I find particularly fascinating the film’s subversion of the traditional alien encounter set in London or New York and, as in the movie District 9 (2009), relocation to the more familiar geography of a contemporary African city. This short film represents yet another example of the effectiveness of science fiction as a narrative instrument for the next generation of African artists.

Check out the film:

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4 thoughts on “The Day They Came (An Afro-SF Short Film)

  1. That’s a great short film, but for some reason the embedded version didn’t work for me, you might want to double check the link.. But it’s easy to find on YouTube.

  2. Hello,
    We at Ficson films will like to thank you for watching our short movie.

    I would like to contact the ghanian director behind 12:00 clock and devil may cry and any other sci-fi film enthusiast. I think its time we made a bolder statement.

    Episode 2 is proving to be a challenge but I guess nothing good comes easy.

    Producer at Ficson Films

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