Crossing the Threshold

Greetings Fellow Sojourners,

To say that I am currently going through a difficult time would be an understatement. I spent the first quarter of this year juggling the obscene demands of my university with my characteristically turbulent personal life, and just when I thought things couldn’t get much worse, I lost my father to a prolonged illness. I’m still in the process of adjusting to this new reality without my long-time mentor and commander-in-chief, but if anything, he taught me to be strong and defiant in the face of adversity, and I have also been fortunate to receive a great deal of support from many admirable people.

My father was a humble man with big dreams and grand ideals who succeeded in infecting me with that same bug. While I will always miss him, it’s obvious to me that I must do everything I can to make up for his absence, so that the course of history may ultimately be improved in spite of this tragedy. And while my life will never be the same, I still find solace in that the future remains as bright as ever, due in no small part to his contribution in my life. I now work with a heightened sense of duty and urgency; for all that I am, I owe to him, and everything that I do from this point onward must exceed even his grandest aspirations. In this regard, I ask you all to fasten your seat belts and hang on for the ride of the century.

Yours Truly,

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8 thoughts on “Crossing the Threshold

  1. Hi Jonathan. Very sorry to hear about your father. Reading your words about him makes it clear how much he meant to you and what a mentor and support and friend he was. I hope life will settle down a little now and that you will have time for family, friends, studies and writing. I wish you all the best in a difficult time. Best regards, Berit.

  2. Thanks, Berit and Brian. Yes, my father was a great mentor and guide, and I don’t intend to let him down. Thanks again for the good wishes.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear this Jonathan — he sounds like a great father and human being. He’s obviously produced fine offspring! Keep up the good fight!

  4. My condolences on your loss.

    Please keep up your good work, and I am sure your father was proud of your dreams, too.

    I have you on my links list on my little LJ, and am following your process and progress.

    I also wish you good health as well.

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