Accra: 2057

In the year 2057, neuroscience has reverse-engineered the human brain to uncover the inner workings of the mind, and two-thirds of the world’s population are implanted with biocores; organic microcomputers that interface billions of people to the world-wide electronic Grid.

A retired police officer is called back to the Force to help counter a massive cyber threat looming over the Accra metropolis. Meanwhile, a young girl from a coastal village struggles to find employment, only to find herself descending steeply into the dangerous world of electronic crime. These two stories are inextricably linked with a third; the unfolding memories of a renegade computer programmer, memories which reveal a life of struggle in the heart of the Sahara, unearthing a sinister plot reaching into the highest corridors of power.

This novel is a psychological thriller that explores the boundaries of the human mind through the interwoven stories of three Africans living in the middle of the 21st century; three souls who are drawn into the heart of a vast conspiracy in one turbulent night on the fast-paced, high-tech streets of ACCRA.

* * *

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