This guide aims to explain which devices are compatible with our apps and to what extent. Each app we publish is designed to run on the widest possible spectrum of devices, many of which are not virtual reality (VR) compatible.

The basic requirement for mobile VR is a smartphone-sized device which contains a gyroscope — an essential component which enables 360 degree motion tracking. VR compatible phones can be paired with a viewer like the Google Cardboard and Daydream, or any other viewers based on the Google VR hardware specifications:

Google Cardboard
Google Daydream

Phones without a gyroscope can’t run VR apps, however, they can still view 360 content using the touchscreen for navigation. Android devices from API 19+ (Kitkat) are supported regardless of VR capability.

By enabling multiple modes of interaction, our apps become accessible to a wider population and will hopefully spark more interest in having a complete VR experience.

In case you are unsure about whether your device supports VR or not, you can refer to this (partial) list of devices that support VR.